New UAV RG100PRO-Sided Obstacle Avoidance Four Axis Aircraft Brushless Motor 4K HD Aerial Photography Optical Flow RC Drone

95.68 $

The New UAV RG100PRO is a high-performance drone that offers a variety of features, including 4K HD aerial photography, obstacle avoidance, and optical flow positioning.

The 4K camera on the RG100PRO takes stunning aerial photos and videos. The camera is stabilized by a gimbal, which helps to keep the images and videos smooth and free of distortion.

The RG100PRO also features obstacle avoidance, which uses sensors to detect objects in the drone’s path and automatically adjust its flight path to avoid them. This makes it a safe and easy-to-fly drone, even for beginners.

The optical flow positioning system on the RG100PRO helps the drone to maintain its position in the air, even in windy conditions. This makes it a great drone for aerial photography and videography, as you can be sure that your shots will be steady and smooth.

The RG100PRO is a powerful and versatile drone that is perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, the RG100PRO is a great choice for you.


  • 4K HD aerial photography
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Optical flow positioning
  • Brushless motors
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Flight time of up to 15 minutes
  • Range of up to 1000 meters


  • Dimensions: 165 x 100 x 45mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Camera: 4K 30fps
  • Gimbal: 3-axis
  • Motors: Brushless
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Range: 1000 meters

Package Includes:

  • Drone
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Spare propellers
  • User manual


  • Take stunning aerial photos and videos
  • Fly safely and easily in a variety of conditions
  • Create professional-quality aerial content
  • Have fun exploring the world from above


We are so confident that you will love our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply return it for a full refund.

Order your New UAV RG100PRO today and start capturing amazing aerial footage!

For your convenience, we offer various delivery options as follows;
The product will be sent to you within 7 – 10 days from the date of the order.
Delivery to the post office or the collection point available in the residential area or delivery by courier to the home, at this stage there is no option for self-collection.

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